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Let us host your next event!

We can offer bar service at the City Table Bar for walk up service; a 20% service fee will be added to the individual bills of patrons, coming from the loft area to the bar and the checks will be settled with the bartender prior to returning to the loft area. This is best done as a cocktail hour before your event, when separate checks are required, however we will gladly run a tab for the event or party organizer if they will be covering the tab. 

The servers working your event can take drink orders for your guests at table-side throughout the remainder of your event. If guests are self-pay, the server will place all alcohol orders under their names and collect payment from the individual guests. A service fee of 20% will be added to individual checks and an 18% service fee will be added to events with only one check.

A cash bar can also be offered whereby the bar or loft area may (dependent on day, date and time) be able to be reserved privately for your guests. The charge for this would be a food and beverage minimum of 400.00 per hour in the bar area, and 200.00 minimum food and beverage in the loft area, and would be private only for the exact specified length of time of the arranged  booking , afterwards other patrons or guests would be seated. 

The Loft area bar can also be reserved privately at a rate of $200.00 per hour and guests order and pay separately or together for alcohol and foods ordered. Peak seating times will double the stated rates and peak times are as follows: Holidays (may or may not be available ask your event coordinator), all events held on weekends between 3pm and 11pm.

The fourth option we offer is for a (separate) loft area bar to be added to the loft room for your convenience. This can be for a beer and wine only offering or include premium liquors as well. Open bar in the loft area would require a separate $200.00  non-refundable bar set up and service fee, and is an option .

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